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ALVOX is an all-in-one vocal processor that combines de-essing, EQ, compression, limiting, modulation, reverb and delay to create the ultimate vocal sound in one quick and easy solution. It can be used on mono or stereo tracks, but sounds best on a stereo track, taking advantage of the width parameter and stereo send effects (reverb and stereo delay). Put ALVOX on your stereo vocal buss and hear how it brings any vocal to life.

Available for Windows (VST 2.0) and Mac (VST 2.0 or AU).

Compatibility notice: tested and working in the latest versions of Cubase, Logic, and Reaper (on PC and Mac). Not currently compatible with Reason or older versions of Reaper.

Demo version available for free via drop-down box near the top of this page. Note: the demo version is unrestricted, but your audio will be intermittently silenced.

Live demonstration coming soon.